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Clash of Clans for PC is a strategy game in which you have to build your village, train an army, and fight with other players. The goal of the Player is to become the most powerful player by destroying enemy villages or taking over their villages. There are two types of currency: gold and elixir.

App NameClash of Clans for PC
Current Version
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Clash of Clans for PC

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Gold can be used for troops, defenses like cannons and traps, while elixir can be used for spells such as healing troops or speeding up the creation process on buildings. Elixir is also needed at times when playing defense because it powers all defensive structures including walls and cannons.

 Clash of Clans: 

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer online game and one of the most famous video games in the world. The game lets you build and fortify your village, then arm and train your troops to attack other players’ villages for valuable resources. It is free and costs nothing to install and play. Donating money speeds up the process of building structures and training troops, but you can also buy gems or use a glitch.

This game allows users to play on their computers instead of mobile devices like tablets and phones. This gives users a more comfortable platform to play the game on. It also allows players who don’t have a mobile device or tablet to play COC for PC Online.

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 How to play it? 

Clash of clans for PC is a strategy game in which the players attack and defend their different bases. There is a maximum of four players in the game and each player has his own village to attack and defend. The player can train troops and also buy and sell items in the market. To attack another player or to defend from attacks, you must use troops. Players collect elixir to train troops and gold to build defenses such as towers, cannons, mortars.

A clan is a group of players who can help each other in the game by sharing troops, gold, elixir, etc. The player starts the game with three hundred gems that they can use for upgrading defenses or they can save them up for raiding another player and in the meantime, they can join a clan and receive gems or elixirs from other players. You can also share your troops with another player in the clan when you are raiding.


  • Defend your base
  • Upgrade your troops
  • Train troops with Barracks, Spell Factory, and Dark barracks
  • Fight in battles to earn loot and gold
  • Explore the world
  • Build your village
  • Attack other players in multiplayer wars
  • Play with your friend online
  • Army training is free
  • Build more than one village

 Downloading And Installation for PC: 

You will need an Android emulator on your computer. There are many options out there, so you can choose whichever one you want. You can find them all by searching “Android Emulator.” I recommend Bluestacks It’s the one I used to download Null’s Clash for my laptop. If you’re on a Mac, I would recommend using Parallels instead. Once the emulator is downloaded, install it if needed and open it up.


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