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PLENIX CLASH Latest Version Download 2022 – Cocpureapk

In this article, we will talk about PLENIX CLASH that is a new game that many people download and play. The whole purpose of the game is to build a tower for your character to climb on top of. It has great graphics and it’s fun for kids as well as adults. There are different modes that you can choose from which have various types of challenges for you to complete in order to win the level or advance through levels in the adventure mode.

In multiplayer, there are four different games: King of The Hill, Capture The Flag, Domination, and Team Deathmatch. In these games you have teams with up to three players each competing against another team by capturing their flag, winning the match, or dominating an area on the map. This game gets exciting especially when you are playing with friends.



Version plenixclash-75
Required Android 4.0+
File size 191 MB
MOD Gems


PLENIX CLASH is a game for mobile devices that offers countless hours of action-packed shooting. Players can choose between four different characters and fight hordes of zombies. The game has various levels, each with its own unique objectives, which you must complete unlocking active missions.

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Moreover, it is an online multiplayer shooting game that puts players in control of four different characters who are all fighting against hordes of zombies. The game is available for free on Android devices.


PHOENIX CLASH is featured with elements of TCG and RPG which makes it quite unique. You can play this game on PC or mobile devices that are running on Android or iOS.You will be able to enjoy an engaging story mode with turn-based battles, epic card collection, guilds, inventory system, etc.

There are also numerous players online with you, so it is quite social. Your task is to battle against other people or fight against evil forces that are trying to destroy your world. You will be able to create your own character which has unique special abilities and powers depending on your choice.

List of Commands:

  1. Lode Runner is a classic game where you have to run back and forth in order to avoid enemies that are constantly chasing after you.
  2. The objective of PLENIX CLASH is to collect all the gold pieces, while at the same time avoiding being killed by an enemy. Collecting all of them will give you one point, but doing so may take several minutes or even hours depending on how difficult lodes are set for each level.
  3. In order to avoid enemies, lodes can use special tools that will help them escape from sticky situations. For example, there is the jetpack that lasts for a few seconds and makes the code run faster.
  4. A very interesting tool in the game is the shovel. Lode can dig through walls and make a shortcut when trying to escape from an enemy. This is especially helpful when you’re in immediate danger and there’s no way out of it.
  5. There are 30 levels in total, but only 20 of them are available at first. You’ll need to unlock the rest by collecting all possible bonus points. At the end of each level, you will also notice a two stars system. This means that you’ll need to collect both gold pieces and bonus points in order to get this second star.
  6. Two modes are available in the game; player mode and arcade mode. One player allows you to play without competing against anyone, while the arcade mode will put you in a stage where you have to protect yourself from an onslaught of enemies.
  7. In order to start playing Lode Runner, press the “P” key during your computer is turned on.

Features of PLENIX CLASH:

  • There are more than 1000 characters that come across with 9 different classes.
  • You can upgrade your hero as well as the equipment to make them stronger.
  • There are also challenging PvP battles and epic raid battles like Tournament mode, League mode, etc.
  • You will be able to play this game on multiple platforms such as Android or iOS devices using bluestacks.
  • You can also download this game on your PC using an Android emulator.
  • It is quite exciting with exciting graphics and engaging music. So you will immerse yourself in the fantasy world while conquering evil forces.

Download & Installation

If you want to download the game, go to the Google Play Store and search “Pokemon Legends”. It should come up as a free download for your phone. After downloading, just open the app and enjoy!

Also, you can follow the given instructions to download it fast!

  1. Download the game by clicking the link below.
  2. Install PLENIX CLASH.
  3. Now you can play our game.


What are the requirements?

You’ll need a computer with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and an internet connection to play online. If you want to play against a computer, we recommend using Microsoft’s Mahjong game that is part of our Windows Essentials.

How do I play it online?

There are several ways you can play PLENIX CLASH online connect to a match via your browser, email, or our Facebook app. We also have a Windows Store app for Windows 8 and a stand-alone version of our Windows Essentials Mahjong game that can be downloaded from the Windows Store.


PHOENIX CLASH is a game that promises to offer hours of fun for players who are looking to be entertained. This article reviews the gameplay, download, and other important information about this new release by Unity Games. If you want more details or would like to see what others have said before downloading it yourself, make sure you read through the entire review! We suggest that you try this game at least once to see how it works and what features are available for you.

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