How to use a super potion in clash of clans??

Super potions are the second most powerful potion in the game. They heal everything, including your walls, and can be used to destroy a base in mere seconds if you target barracks and shield generators with them. Super potions heal troops that have been affected by poison or freeze poisons too, so don’t worry about casting it on troops that have been hit by such status.

They cost 3,000 elixirs and take 5 minutes to be produced in the laboratory. The only way you can get them is by finding them in your treasure chest or purchasing it from another player’s shop using gems.

super potion clash of clans

Super potions should not be used on a single target unless that target is a critical structure. And they should never be used on the entire army. If you want to use them strategically, first check to see which troops are being attacked by your opponent’s heroes first. Then deploy super potions on those troops. When deploying super potions en masse, don’t put all of them close together because the splash damage can damage your own troops too.

 How to get a super potion clash of clans?

Super Potion ClashWiki The Super Elixir is a spell unlocked at Town Hall 7. It costs 3,000 elixirs and takes 5 minutes to make in the Laboratory. It’s cast on one building and will heal all damaged buildings in a small radius around it, including Walls and is capable of healing completely. This spell is best used when defending with heels walls and many other things.

The Super Elixir can be used on any building however is best suited for saving your Dark Elixir Storage or Gold Mines from getting destroyed by the enemy Clan Castle troops. The Super Elixir can also be used to help your troops in battle. If you’re attacking the enemy and notice that their defenses aren’t as strong as they could be, tell your army to attack a building that is well defended and then use the Super Elixir on it once it starts taking damage.

The Super Elixir’s range is short so don’t place it too far away from the building you want to heal. When defending, try to park your Clan Castle Troops next to your storage so they will take damage before your Dark Elixir Storage or Gold Mine does. This way once you cast the Super Elixir on them they’ll receive much more healing than if they were placed around other buildings that are already healed.

Remember: The Super Elixir takes 5 minutes to make and is one of the longest times in the game, so use it wisely.

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