Clash of Lights Apk (Unlimited Resources) Download For Android

Clash of Lights Apk is a private server just like a clash of clans. There are unlimited free resources in the game in which gold, elixir, and dark elixir are included. Clash of clans is a strategic game that needs to play with a strategy to control your opponent.

In the Coc private server, players have the opportunity to create a bigger army by spending their resources on them. The clash of lights is the best server in the gaming field with beautiful graphics.

Clash of Lights Apk:

Clash of Lights Apk

The clash of lights mod apk and its original version have the same gameplay. In the  COL APK, you need to build the village with the help of game resources and need to protect your town from enemies. In the clash of light apk, you have to defeat all enemies to save your village.

Clash of Lights Apk Download

Superheros are there In the multiplayer COL game, players have a chance to win the battle with their skills. Heros are playing a vital role in the apk download, and you have two heroes who make one Superhero that can be helpful to protect the village from the monsters with its superpowers.
Size 108.6 MB
Requirement Android v4.5 and up
Updated on1 day Ago
9/10 (1833 Votes)
Use the skills of heroes and superheroes to fight against the enemy and can destroy their town. In this way, you can win the level of COL and can be in top ratings of COL. This clash of lights mod apk updated version has incredible speed.

Features of Clash of light:

While playing clash of lights-free Apk players can play freely enjoy missions without any fear of getting banned. The clash of lights cf version is extremely secure for your device in terms of privacy and its features. As the supercell does not own it, it’s a private server that gives you the liberty to enjoy the COL without getting a ban.

Players also have the opportunity to upgrade their troops with different weapons and resources in Apk download 2022. No need to root your mobile phone, So, enjoy the clash of lights Apk easily without any problem for your phone. This server has unlimited resources like gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

The APK  is a 100% uptime online game, and you don’t need to wait for long to play the game again. The Server is more secure and fast which can help you to protect yourself from DDOS attacks. Also, players can get a new look for their troops with custom dresses and Decorations. Moreover, you can play your game again at any time. In COL, there are regular updates for the game so that you can enjoy the latest updates as well.

Clash Of lights Download Apk

  • The fantastic private server is super easy and straightforward to download.
  • Download the apk 10 from the link provided above.
  • Further, go into the setting of your mobile phone then check the unknown resources.
  • You need to uninstall the original version of clash of clans.
  • After the completion of downloading, open the file from your phone.
  • Your Clash of light free apk is all set, ready to play.

Clash of Lights Private Server:

Clash Of Lights S1 Apk:

The numerous customization options are available in clash of clans S1. In the s1 apk download, you will experience the fastest-ever speed of the game. Moreover, players have the opportunity to unlock many other resources and increase their army up to 600+ soldiers in a clash of lights S1.

Clash of Lights S1

Clash Of Lights S1 Apk

With these army soldiers, players can protect the village from the enemies in the S1 mod apk. As the clash of clans in the latest apk 2022, the best feature is that you can invite your friends and family and can make your clans with them to defend the town and win unlimited prizes. players can customize the dressing for thier army as well in S1.

Clash Of Lights S2 Apk:

It is the most secured and updated version of the clash of lights apk is S2. In the S2 apk 2022, there is an opportunity to have the characters like clash of families, the Archer, and Dragon that can help you to build your town. Further, players can also build a protective wall beside the village to protect their town from the clash of other clans.

Clash of Lights

Clash Of Lights S2 Apk

The army size also increases and one can win unlimited resources in which gold, elixir, and gems, etc are added. In the S2  server, the dressing of your characters can be customized. In COL download free, the heroes are there to facilitate you against the other clans.

Clash Of Lights S3 Apk:

The clash of lights 3 mod apk is a more updated and facilitated Version of this game. The battle in lights 2022 is a 100% uptime game.  There were requests from the participants of the game that it takes time to load the game. During the tremendous pressure on the game, the speed of the original apk may slow, but in that updated version, that problem is resolved.

Clash of Lights Private Server

Clash Of Lights S3 Apk

At a time, more than one player can participate to play the game, so the speed of clash of clans becomes dull, but in the updated version the speed of the 2022 multiplayer video game becomes more optimized to remove any difficulty while playing the game. It is the most suitable and compatible version of the clash of lights apk for android and IOS.

Clash Of Lights S4 Apk:

private server S4 is the advanced and updated version without lagging any issue regarding its speed and resources. The advanced VPS-based technology used in this S4 provides more facilities to its users and participants.

Features of Clash of light

Clash Of Lights S4 Apk

The apk download worked fine for all the users and also on all the devices. It is 100% uptime and does not face any interruption regarding anything. There is an opportunity in this offline game download version to customize the uniform of your army and make strategies against your enemy to defeat their clan in the battle of s4 apk.

Clash Of Lights S5 Apk:

Clash of Lights Apk for Android

Clash Of Lights S5 Apk

The updated and highly compatible version of the 2022 apk is S5. It resolved all the issues and added more new features regarding the resources and number of army soldiers. Clash of Lights for Android and IOS.

Download for Android and IOS

For download in any device, you don’t need to root and jailbreak your device. Easily have Android 1 on your device by following the steps given above, as it is designed by keeping in mind the Android and IOS users as well.

Download IOS

Clash of lights APK for Desktops and Laptops

If you want to enjoy the APK on a bigger screen and you want to download it on your desktops and laptops no need to worry about it. It is super easy to have your favorite game mod apk clash of lights in your desirable device by following some steps. For downloading COL on your laptops or desktop computers, firstly there is a need to install the android emulator.

Download for Desktops

How to play clash of lights?

The objective of Clash of Lights is to guess the word on your card first. Each player takes turns by picking a card from their hand or asking for cards from other players until they think they’ve got the word right. If no one can figure out the word, you have to keep playing with more new cards instead! The goal is to be the last player left because you’re the smartest!

If someone guesses a word before you, show them your card. If they are incorrect, you get their card. You can have up to 6 cards in hand at one time. If anyone has 6 cards when it’s the next player’s turn, that person gets an additional card. This goes on until someone guesses the word on their card correctly, or someone has 6 cards in hand.

1) Let’s create our own team of cards!

Clash of Lights comes with 144 unique, beautiful word cards. Each card has a secret word written on it. We want you to get creative – what makes for an interesting match-up? Which words are more fun to guess than others? Which pairs of words are best chosen on the same turn? We have some ideas for you, but we’ll leave the rest up to you! You can use an online random word generator or a pencil and paper to make your own cards. If you want to be really clever, use words that start with different letters like ‘Moist’ and ‘Lonely,’ so teams need two of each letter to create a word!

2) Words with Friends – Words are better together.

Clash of Lights is designed for 2-6 players, but you can play with just one set if you don’t have enough people around to make 3 or 4 teams. The rules are simple: each team has two cards in play at a time. The team with the most cards at the end wins!

3) Let’s make some words!

The third version of available ways to play is to simply pass around one big deck of cards face down and take turns picking new ones until someone has 6 in their hand. The goal here is just to be creative, so if someone tries out a new word on you, don’t feel bad if your reply is “that’s not a real word.” It’s just for fun!

The game mechanics of the actual picking of the cards are really simple. You either pick one from your hand or look through other people’s hands to see if they have any that fit what you want to do this turn. You can also use 2 action points to ask someone for a card but they are not obligated to give it to you.

Then, each player takes turns picking cards from their hand or asking other players for cards until the word is guessed by anyone or no one has more than 6 cards in their hand. There are also wild cards that can be used as any letter and some reading comprehension is required. The combination of simple mechanics and wordplay makes for a great personal or family game. It’s not only fun but it also helps you win at words!

What is an android emulator?

Android emulator is an application that can use to have access to those android applications on your desktops. After the installation of an android emulator, download the COL mod apk for PC.

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After the completion of downloading, add the downloaded file to the android emulator. Do double click on it, After some seconds the downloading will complete and your favorite game clash of lights’ latest apk is ready to play on your PC.[/su_note]


On the final note, the clash of light Mod apk is somehow similar to the clash of clans. In the updated version, there are massive opportunities that players can use to win the game. In the clash of light apk, you can have superheroes compete with other clans and win against them.

The secured version is 100% uptime and has a lot of participants at a time with fast speed. COL 2022 is compatible with all the devices without root and jailbreaking devices. Moreover, you need to have a useful speed internet to have the most popular video game light with you that can be enjoyed with friends and family with eye-catching graphics.

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