PaulModz APK (Clash Royale Private Server) UPDATED 2022

PaulModz APK is the most updated version of Clash Royale. It has all the latest features that are not yet available in the original game.  Moreover, it has a lot of in-app purchases for free. This article will help you to download and install It for Android.

400;”>Clash Royale is an online multiplayer game created by Supercell. It is available on iOS and Android platforms. The aim of the game is to knock down all the towers of your opponent by deploying different types of units.

PaulModz APK:

PaulModz APK

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This is an application that has been designed for iOS that allows Clash Royale gamers to have access to more features. These include private servers, more heroes, cards and levels, new modes, and also unlimited gems. PaulModz APk also allows players to use more languages when they are in the app.

The private server is one of the most popular elements in the app where gamers can play with their friends without fear of being defeated by higher-level players. This application has also enabled game developers to make game balance changes without disrupting gameplay on live servers. Gamers can also play various game modes on this app including boss battles with different bosses every week!

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How do I play PaulModz APK?

Before you start playing, you have to create a new account on the app by entering a username, password, and email address. After that, visit the Shop tab on the left side of the screen and purchase some elixir or gems with real money. Next, tap on My Deck on the top right corner of the screen or go to the Battle tab and find a battle under Search. Once you’ve found an opponent, tap on it and select your deck from the list of available decks you have saved. After that, choose your roles in the battle and then tap Duel Me!

PaulModz APK Features:

The PaulModz APk comes with lower-level cards but you can unlock them after reaching certain milestones. Here are some features of Paul Modz Clash Royale Android Version:

  • All Cards are available for free. You don’t have to spend real money on it anymore.
  • Max cards levels are 9 in PaulModz, so no need to worry about your card getting demoted.
  • You can play multiplayer mode without an internet connection. 
  • It is one of the best features of this game because many times you cannot play due to internet connectivity issues.
  • The game size is very small, so it won’t consume much of your device’s memory.
  • It is only 10Mb in compared to 80MB of the original game.
  • The private server of Clash Royale
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited golds
  • without ban for using APK
  • No need to root your android device
  • No need to change your IP
  • Clash Royale with friends online
  • It’s safe and working 100%

Downloading & Installation:

Check all the instructions carefully to complete your downloading successfully:

  1. Click this Link! If you are not redirected, go to step 2 directly.)
  2. Wait for 5 seconds only, the timer is running! It might get tricky especially for those who use mobile data,
  3. Now “SKIP AD”, is located at the top right of your browser.
  4. Wait again for 5 more seconds, you are almost done!
  5. You will now see the “Download” button, press on it, and download that file to your mobile device. And Voila! Congrats you have successfully downloaded the new private Server.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we get:

What is PaulModz APk?

It’s an Android application for Clash Royale (like Mod Apk) which has a lot of features to make the game easier and more fun.

How does it work?

You download the app from our site or other sources, install it on your phone/tablet, and start playing.

Is it legal?

Yes, we’re just providing the app and we’re not doing anything fishy to get gems/gold/gems/cards, etc.

Final Thoughts:

When you are looking for the best private server of Clash Royale, please try PaulModz APK. It is a perfect way to enjoy all features of this game without any restrictions or limitations. The only thing that it requires from its users is an Android device with at least 2 GB RAM and 1GB free space on its phone memory.

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