How to Transfer the Clash of Clans from Android to IOS?

With this method, you can feel safe, because I’ll show you how to do that without any problems with your account or data of CoC. You should know that there are two ways to perform such an operation: programmatically and manually (we’ll talk about it in a moment).

transfer the clash of clans from android to ios

Steps to transfer the COC from Android to IOS:

So, I have to tell you how to transfer CoC from Android to iOS. Let’s do it step by step:

  1. Generate a key in your google developer console and save it somewhere, this is an application id for your app in the Google Play store.
  2. Open your apple developer console and create a new app (if you are not registered as a user you should do that, here ).
  3. The next step is to generate a provisioning profile for our app in Apple’s Developer Console and save it somewhere and also e-mail (the one you use to register as a member in the Apple Developer).
  4. Open your app in the Apple Developer Console and click “Add new application”.
  5. For a given app there you should specify a unique bundle id (in this case it is a clash of clans ios ) and also suffix for provisioning profile ids, e-mail, and key ids which you have saved in the previous step.

After that, you should “save” everything and go to the tab of your application where you’ll see a new provisioning profile that we have just generated for our app. It is required to download it and save it somewhere because we will need it later while transferring Clash of Clans from android to iOS.

  1. Now we need to configure our app for using it on iOS and android.
  2. And the final step is to generate a Keystore file that we will use later on while importing CoC from android to iOS.

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