How to start over in a clash of clans?

Clash Of Clans (CoC) is one of my favorite games on my iPad. It has an addictive nature which makes you want to play more and more. I have clocked in a lot of hours on CoC, say around 600 hours or so which is quite an accomplishment if you think about it.

At first, I was just another typical CoC player who would be content by upgrading my town hall, army camps, and resource buildings every now and then. However, the replayability of CoC is what kept me going. I started to experiment with various attack strategies, clan games, and trophy pushers just so that I can level up my town hall quickly.

I have spent thousands of real dollars on CoC just because I got hooked on it. One time, after seeing an ad about the wall breaker boosting pack on the game, I immediately bought it because I believed that boost was necessary to win games.

How to start over in a clash of clans

However, after everything, the most important thing on CoC is still your trophy count. Sooner or later you’ll reach a point where your opponents are too difficult for you to beat with just an army of barbarians and archers no matter how many walls you break. You will need the hog riders, the golems, and a lot of wall breakers to stand a chance against them…

And here’s where I messed up. I thought that spending money on in-game items was a good idea because if I want to compete with those high-level players, I would have to spend lots of gems to upgrade my army camps and army size.

I did not realize that spending money on CoC was the same as buying a luxury car: you’re just driving it in first gear all the time even though you have an engine that can handle high-speed driving. I didn’t even get to use half of what I paid for because I can’t compete with a lot of high-level players in the game.

I realize my mistake after spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on CoC. I was trying to do too much with limited resources and that is why I ended up not going anywhere.

How did this happen? How could an ordinary guy spend real money on a mobile app without realizing it? I think it’s because CoC is designed to trick your mind into spending money on the game.

Let’s check these 4 reasons why CoC is so addicting and how you can break free from this addiction.

1.) The constant need for upgrades:

No matter what level you are in, there will always be something that needs upgrading. In fact, there is a trophy push event going on right now where you need to defend your town hall level by pushing it up to the next one.

Even for a person that plays casually like me, I can’t help but see how my barracks and archer towers would look if they were upgraded with dark elixir.

The most enticing upgrade I can think of is the behemoth. Check it out:

The upgrade costs 77,777 dark elixir which means you need to farm quite a bit in order to get this done. It’s so tempting but not worth the effort… because if you want to upgrade your town hall level 9, that will cost you even more than that!

The best thing I can advise is to not spend dark elixir on upgrading because the benefits are just too little, especially when compared to how much you need to farm in order to get it done. There are also high-level players that will wipe the floor with your base even if you have an army of 10 behemoths!

If you want to be competitive in the game, upgrade your gold and elixir production buildings as much as possible because those are important for you to farm.

2.) The constant wars!

If you haven’t realized it yet, war is a big part of CoC and if you choose not to participate in it, other players will easily overtake your village.

The only way to protect your village from being raided is by putting your trophies high enough so other players cannot touch you. However, if you want to be competitive, it’s impossible for you to raise the trophy count of every single player in your clan. You will likely lose more than half of them during wars because other villages are full of high-level players and you can’t compensate for their power with just a few upgraded town halls.

Why do I say this? Because even if you upgrade your barracks, archer towers, and walls to the max, your opponent will eventually break through it no matter what it takes! That is why you need to recruit strong players and beat them in war battles.

If you want to be competitive, feel free to join a war clan but only if you’re ready for it. Think about what I mentioned previously; if your trophy count is low, other people will raid and attack your village. Sometimes the loss can be pretty big because of how powerful high-level players are: they can take down 5+ of your base in just a few minutes!

3.) Free gems and gold… but you need to pay for it

CoC is designed to make you think that the only way to be good and competitive is if you use real money. You can easily farm for thousands of dark elixir or millions of gold, but even if you have those resources, you can’t use them unless you pay for them.

The thing is, these resources are offered to you free but that’s just how CoC makes its money; by getting people to spend real money on the game. If they want their players to be competitive, they will at least give incentive for playing the game.


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