How to get scenery in clash of clans?

The scenery is a special thing in the game. it helps us to get more coins and elixir from the adventure map, however, some players find it very difficult to make scenery because they do not fully understand how to handle troops in clash of clans.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to a simple strategy that can help you get some coins or elixir. You are able to get the 500 coins every time you move your army of goblins over the treasure.  Once you get to know about the strategy of getting scenery in the clash of clans you have bright chances to win the game and get rewards. 

scenery in clash of clans

Can you imagine how much money can be earned in a week?

In this strategy, the goblin is used as the main troop while some other troops are added for distraction purposes

When going on an adventure map, make sure you have 2 goblins because you will need these troops to make scenery.

In addition, you may use the archers as the main troop to distract the opponent from the castle. I prefer using the archer than the wizard because it is much simpler and easier to control than wizards

The next step is: How to position your troops?

Positioning troops in the clash of clans is the most important thing for winning a game. Let me tell you a secret for the effective positioning of the troops.

  1. Do not put your troop behind the giant bomb.
  2. Remember to put your archers beside your wizard while having goblins in front of them
  3. Finally, do not forget to move these troops to the treasure. it does not matter whether you find any player along the way

Hope this strategy will help you get more coins on the adventure map.

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