Clash of Dreams Latest Version 6.6.1 Download 2022

The content of clash of dreams is a mix between simulation and RPG. You are able to create your own avatar, explore the world, craft items, fight monsters for experience points in order to level up your character.

App NameClash of Dreams
Size85 MB
Version Required Android 4.1+
Last Updated 1 day ago
Root Required No

  A lot of people enjoy playing games like these because they’re interactive and you can do whatever you want. There are no restrictions on what you can try or accomplish.

The only thing that limits us in video games is our imagination!  This game is available for free on Android devices so if this sounds interesting then download micro it now! The Clash Of Dreams Game Is Available On Android Devices For Free!

Clash of Dreams:

Clash of Dreams


Clash of Dreams is a game where you conquer the city of your dreams. Build your empire by joining forces with other players and fighting for territories.

The game starts with you deciding which faction to join, there are three factions to choose from: Order of Light, United Army, or the Godless Army. You then pick your avatar and start playing.

Clash of Dreams Gameplay:

The gameplay in Clash of Dreams is pretty simple.  You’re presented with three rings that you can cycle through by tapping on the screen. Tapping on an enemy will result in an attack, but there are four different types of enemies. Some enemies are weaker to some attacks than others, so you’ll have to strategize your attacks depending on who you’re fighting. 

This game also has a ranking system that updates in real-time as you play – the higher your rank, the more difficult the game will be.  The game also has a very unique way of dealing with attack patterns. Instead of simply showing their stats like in most RPGs, you can actually see the enemy’s pattern in real-time and plan your attacks accordingly.

You’ll get gold from each battle that you fight, which can be used to upgrade your teams’ equipment so they can last longer in battle. You can also buy new items and equipment, which will allow you to upgrade your characters even more.

Unlimited Resources:

The best way to deal with the situation is to channelize all of your resources and work on one project at a time. You need to be efficient and use all of your resources so that you can meet deadlines and also produce better quality work.

Improve Your Skills:

You need to develop yourself as a professional and take courses or attend workshops that can help you learn new things. You must also improve the skills of your team members so that all your projects are based on the latest technologies.

Clash of Dreams Features:

  • Use your phone to battle the Dark Lord
  • Collect, upgrade, and evolve epic heroes
  • Battle other players online in real-time strategy battles
  • Engaging storyline with strategic gameplay.   
  • From slumber to being awoken by an evil force that you must stop. All in just a tap!   
  • Collect heroes, upgrade them and evolve them to unleash their true power!
  • Battle other players in a real-time PvP. 
  • 20+ unique hero types. Each with its own strengths and abilities. 
  • Unleash the strength of your army through strategic formations and skills management.
  • Perfect integration with Facebook friends for finding opponents and exchanging gifts.
  • The most advanced real-time multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) experience on mobile to date! 
  • Form a clan with family and friends for sharing heroes, sending reinforcements during difficult times, making joint attacks.
  • Endless ways of collecting rare heroes: opening card packs, buying them at the market, getting them from friends, completing your daily quests.
  • Get hooked on a fantasy world with action strategy gameplay!

Downloading & Installation

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. If you’re on Android, tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner and type “Clash of Dreams
  3. Tap Install > Accept permissions > Tap On icon > Open
  4. If you’re on a PC/Laptop.
  5. Type in “Clash of Dreams
  6. Download > Accept permissions > If the installation doesn’t start, install it manually by opening the APK file from your downloads folder. The picture below is what the page should look like if you do everything right.
  7. Open the app, tap “Create account” > Type in username/password > Accept terms & conditions > Tap Create button on bottom right corner > Content you have successfully purchased will now be accessible.


How do I control my character?

You can use your mouse or keyboard to move, left-click to interact with objects, right-click for waypoints, or hold down Shift and click on any map square to zoom in.

How do I move my character around the map?

To begin with, you have no movement points. When you hover your mouse or pointer over a destination, they will either have an orange or green border.  Green will cost one movement point, orange will cost two.


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